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Medinivo believe in philosophy that – Health and Wellness Services should be globally accessible for everyone. Globalization of healthcare is the requirement of this era. Regardless of borders and language barriers, the world should be consider as one. Medinivo is a key to explore the world for- healthy body and mind.

Medinivo is dedicated to providing cost-efficient Health tourism services across the globe that puts a smile on its clients. We offer an unmatched attention and care to understand your needs, making sure we help Patients & Heath tourists to select the best hospitals & wellness centres on the world.

How do we achieve this?

Our Management Team

Medinivo boasts a management team that is made up of reliable and trusted experts. Our management team helps leverage their industry know-how and network to connect our clients with medical & health tours that proffer the best solution based on their needs.

Known as one of the best cross border healthcare consultants around the world, our management team ensures the company only associates with the best medical firms who are qualified, certified, registered and trusted to adhere to the ethical codes of conduct as put forward by the medical council/association in their respective countries. This has been a driving force to our success over the years.

Vision and Mission

Medivino is driven by the aim of helping Patients & Heath tourists explore the best global health possibilities with the ability to select the best hospital & wellness centres around the world.

Our vision is to become the go-to company for Planning & Facilitation Services while being recognized as a reliable independent, third-party disseminator of accurate, verified, reliable, updated information, given and sought in confidence, related to the fields of medical tourism, dental tourism, health tourism, and wellness tourism.

To help ensure this vision comes to life, Medivino’s mission is to carry on the business of facilitating safe and comfortable healthcare services to medical tourists from across the world and ensure their well-being and quick recovery and facilitating such activities which includes utilization of medical services by the medical & health tourist, be it direct or indirect - hospitality, cultural exposure or site-seeing etc.


Medinivo is dedicated to connecting you affordable, safe and quality medical vacations, trips and interventions across the globe. We work only with the most reliable team of the top surgeons and hospitals around the world, ensuring your medical needs are met with optimum professionalism.

Our experienced team studies each client’s specific condition so as to offer a tailored treatment plan that is sure to meet their medical needs and yield positive results without compromising on comfort. We then leverage on our industry experience and network, connecting you to the best professionals and hospital that meets these needs.

Built around transparency, honesty and maximum commitment to professionalism, Medinivo offers to serve you in the following ways:

Initial Assessment: Medinivo boasts a depth of experienced doctors who listen to your medical needs and budget. This helps to better diagnose your condition and proffer the best possible treatment plan that suits you. With this service, our expert team will be able to suggest the right doctor, health professional, hospital, Clinic, wellness centre, and accommodations based on your medical needs and budget.

Travel Plan: After we have suggested health professionals and hospitals for you, we help schedule appointments and help you understand what your trip will be like. We also provide a means to communicate with the doctor in charge of your treatment to clarify any issues. Medinivo- Your smarter approach to planning a health trip.

Trip Assistance: Medinivo doesn’t just leave you to handle all of your travel needs alone. We assist our clients, whether citizens, foreign patients or health tourists, helping them get all the necessary details or documents needed for their Medical travel across the globe. We provide hustle free Visa services for all international destinations.

No matter your travel needs, we have you covered.

Follow-up Service: Medinivo doesn’t just help you travel; our medical trip service doesn’t end until you are back at home, safe and healthy. We stay in contact by monitoring your healing process to ensure the main aim of your travel was achieved.

Now, that’s a truly smart approach to medical tours.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how to make your trip a success.

How to become a Partner

Medinivo aims to connect its clients with reliable and professional medical services around the globe that meets their needs and requirements. So, whether it’s a doctor, health professional, hospital, Clinic or wellness centre, we’ll be glad to collaborate with industry professionals to help make the world a much healthier place.

Sign up and join our growing list of partners to reach a whole new level of global access.

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