HCG Cancer Hospital is one of the best cancer hospitals in India. It has a chain of 24 comprehensive cancer centres, which offer cutting-edge diagnostics and world-class cancer treatments across the nation.

HCG Cancer Centre uses leading-edge technology, has knowledgeable and experienced professionals at its disposal, and its distinctive cancer treatment procedures contribute to providing our patients with timely diagnostic and clinical care assistance. We also have a large pool of cancer specialists across the network who are trained to support and care for the patients in the best way possible.

At our cancer treatment centre, our core focus lies in delivering patient-centric and value-based cancer care through the adoption of advanced technology, constant research, and innovation.

With its corporate office in Bengaluru, HCG has a pool of more than 450 experts across multiple domains.

HCG believes in and practices value-based medicine with its core focus on providing accurate diagnostic support and delivering the highest quality patient care.

HCG employs the multidisciplinary approach for the disease diagnosis and treatment wherein specialists from multiple disciplines come together to accurately evaluate the patient information, standardise the treatment approach and create efficiencies that will eventually lead to effective disease management.

Quality of life is an important aspect of cancer care. At HCG, every personalised treatment plan that is devised gives equal importance to the preservation of quality of life throughout and after the treatment.

Along with unique treatment protocols, HCG employs cutting-edge technology and has skilled and experienced specialists at its disposal, all of which helps in providing adequate diagnostic and clinical care support to our patients.


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